What is this?

We’re three college kids trying to become rich and famous with our first webcomic. It updates Tuesdays and Fridays. Besides that, we don’t know.


Gordon and Rex are roommates trying to become rich and famous as an actor and a writer (respectively) while eating a lot of bananas. Indignity, hilarity, and deformed clichés ensue.

Art by Roxanne Cain

Roxanne is a low-level Artmagus with cross-class levels in Wordwright (Alignment: Chaotic Absurd) and Discount Ninja. Her special abilities include Snark, Pun, Sneak, and Doodle. Fox’s race is unclear, but research has suggested that she isn’t completely human but rather is some kind of Fey, Pixie or Elf. One legend says that she was never born but instead rose fully formed from a mystical lake hidden from the prying eyes of the unworthy.

She was dragged into this venture through a combination of being in the room when the suggestion arose,  having the ability to draw, and not having much of a social life.


Words by Matt McArdle and Fred Pelzer

Buds and broskies since forever ago (read: Freshman year), these two up-and-comers are here to light your world ablaze. With comedy. Just comedy. No need to get worried. Always looking for new venues with which to express themselves, they suddenly realized that this webcomic gig still has room for getting in on the ground floor. Hijacking Fox and forcing her to do their drawings, they set out to create the webcomic they always wanted to read, namely about themselves or some version there of. With you here, dear reader, they hope to forge something to last and last. Right until they sell the rights for a tidy profit and retire to a life of ease in the Caribbean.