Roxanne, our artist that paints who paints with such unrivaled fury, has been away for business this past week. Surprisingly we do notĀ devoteĀ all of our time to Bananas for Breakfast and pursue other side ventures (like having real jobs). To have a real job you must have real job socks, and I’m positive Roxanne donned a pair. The socks probably looked a tad bit better though, but just a tad. I also like Flight of the Conchords.

I decided to take on the mighty burden of creating an entire comic by myself, and lo, look upon my works and despair. No, really. Get to despairing because you can see right up there the reason I write this thing and don’t draw it. But I will tell you this dear reader(s), today I discovered how the mighty Atlas felt when the world’s weight came to rest on his shoulders.