I actually grew up reading Tintin, thanks to my local library having a rather extensive collection of the graphic novels. I can see some an early version of my reading habits here; struggling to read every story, in the proper order that they were written in, and failing because I rely on the library to supply my every need.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the new movie yet, I’m sad to say. I could have by now, if I’m being honest. I just let these things slide for no good reason. I’m working Wednesday but Thursday, I”m going to go see the movie. I hope that it’s everything I’d expect from Tintin, adventure and intrigue and humor, Tintin and Snowy and the Captain and Thompson and Thomson. I’m a better reader now. I buy books, understand their value and am willing to pay full price even for the benefit of their words. But that doesn’t change how much I loved those books growing up.