It’s been many months since our last post. The writers turned into grown-ups with too little time to do the comic. When it became clear that wasn’t going to change, it fell upon me to deliver the Bananas for Breakfast eulogy. I put it off for months. It’s painful to say goodbye even though it’s clear its time has come. Eventually, the departing image came to me in my sleep: a rose and a banana at a final curtain call. A rose because it’s cliche and a banana because it’s us. And so there it is.

I didn’t realize how much I missed doing BFB until I had to draw this final comic. It does feel like attending the funeral of a friend you moved away from and couldn’t see anymore. It’s the pain of absence suddenly remembered and felt all at once.

Well, that was melodramatic.

Anyway, we had fun and hope you did too.


Roxanne, the artist

Speaking for Team Banana


P.S. I’ll still be around. I have a blog which will have some comics by me coming up soon called “The Other Side Online.” Please check it out if you’re interested.